Monday, March 21, 2011

My Experience Completing this Task

What I enjoyed most about doing this task was when I was researching about the places. I got to know so many things about the landmarks that I had never known before. It was truly amazing to know their history and how they were and what they were used for in the past.

The challenges that I faced when I was trying to find out more of the places. Some places like the temples had hardly any information about them. The search would mainly show the location of the place. It was also a challenge to look for a reliable source to find information, I had to look through many sites before I found a reliable source. And another challenge was interviewing the people, there were very few people around.

All the landmarks I chose were very scattered away and very far from my house. They would take me approximately half an hour to reach there. As a result, I did not go out to take photos or interview people. If I got another opportunity to do this task again, I would choose landmarks which is closer to my house and not so scattered away.

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